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Introducing the WRF COMMENT

January 1, 1983 -

With the appearance of this issue of WRF COMMENT, we are launching a new venture. We initially plan to publish a newsletter, similar to this one, on a quarterly basis. Its small size obviously means that articles will be brief. The intention is to report and to comment on the highlights of contemporary developments, including important events, conferences, and the appearance of new books and reports dealing with labour relations and economics.

Our information will be culled from a variety of sources, including magazines, newspapers, research reports and other materials published by government and private organizations. We hope that this service will be useful for busy people who themselves do not have the time to read the overwhelming number of available publications. We welcome your reactions and suggestions.

The Work Research Foundation was incorporated in 1974 for the purpose of doing research in industrial relations and economics from the Christian perspective. It seeks to be of service to individuals and organizations, including trade unions, companies, schools and churches.

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