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Generational Mix in Cambridge

April 1, 1986 -

City planners in Cambridge, Ontario must be very busy people these days. Toyota of Japan recently chose the city as the site for its new Canadian automobile factory, which estimates it will employ several hundred people when it begins operations in 1988. Real estate prices soared.

Meanwhile, Dedi-Care Group Inc., a local company that owns and operates rest homes, is seeking the city council's approval of a proposed $7-million four-phase project. (As of mid-April, the necessary rezoning approval had not yet been granted.) Dedi-Care plans to build a 24-unit apartment complex for senior citizens, a 64-bed rest home, 48 condominium units, and a day-care centre for 50 children.

The day-care centre would be linked to the rest home by a glassed-in lobby, according to Dedi-Care, but the building would be designed so that the elderly residents wouldn't be disturbed by the children playing. From its experience with the elderly residents of its other homes, Dedi-Care believes many seniors would enjoy the proximity of children, and in turn, the children would benefit from more contact with older people. (Daily Commercial News, January 23, 1986)