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What Happens to Truth in an Age of Delusion?  (part 9)

Why the Enduring Jew-Hatred?

January  2014

Jews are the greatest enemies of the Ummah (the worldwide Muslim community). And their enmity to Islam  and Muslims has been, is and will continue as long as Muslims and Jews remain on this earth. This issue has been settled without question or argument as Allah says ( you will find the staunchest enemies of those that have believed are the Jews…) Sura 5:82.  (Sheik Yousef AL- Qaradawi, quoted in Elias Al-Maqdisi & Sam Solomon,  Al-Yahud: Eternal Islamic Enmity & the Jews, 2010,  p. 16)

 I would call it [anti-Semitism] an intellectual disease, a disease of the mind, extremely infectious and massively destructive. It is a disease to which both human individuals and entire human societies are prone.(Paul Johnson, “The Anti-Semitic Disease,” Commentary, June 2005, p.33)

 Islam is a religion of peace, some say. They insist that those who fly airplanes into buildings --  murder non-Muslims, destroy their  houses, businesses and churches, and force  non-Muslims to flee from   their homes and villages where they have lived for centuries --  are hijacking and besmirching the good name of peaceful Islam. As proof they quote the Koran verse (2:256):  “There is no compulsion in religion.”  A short list of authors who claim that Islam is a religion of peace Includes Karen Armstrong, Juan Cole, John Esposito, and Tariq Ramadan.

We can now add President Obama to that list. He has ordered that the declaration of war by the late Osama bin Laden and other Islamic leaders, the  attacks on  the West including 9/11,  and the Fort Hood massacre in November 2009, have  nothing to do with Islam.  In his June 2009 Cairo address, Obama assured his Muslim audience: “As Americans we will not and never will be at war with Islam…. It was not a religion that attacked us that September day. It was al-Qaeda, a sorry band of men, which perverts religion.”    

 Islam, Not A Religion of Peace

Not so, say others. Islam   is indeed a religion of force and violence. The peaceful verses in the Koran about  non-Muslims, particularly about Jews and Christians, were written early in the career of Muhammad when he had not yet reached a position of military power. When he had begun to defeat his enemies after moving from Mecca to Medina in 622, the warlike verses in the Koran  were abrogated. Then Muhammad became the warrior/lord who denounced the infidels, called Jews apes and monkeys, and declared that Christians are blasphemers who are destined for Hell.

Muhammad dealt unmercifully with three Jewish tribes, Banu Nadir, Banu Qaynuqa, and the Banu Qarayza. The latter fared the worst; their men, numbering between seven and eight hundred were killed by having their throats cut, then buried in mass graves. Their women and children became spoil for Muhammad and his warriors. He selected one of the captured women to be his concubine right after she had witnessed the slaughter of  her husband and all her male family members. (See ibn Warraq, Why I am not a Muslim, 2003, pp. 91-99.)

 In 628, Muhammad defeated and exiled the remnant of the Jews who had fled to the village of Khaybar. On his deathbed in 632, Muhammad declared that there will be no two religions in Arabia.   He also predicted that Muslims will fight the Jews until the Day of Resurrection.

 Those who insist that Islam is a religion of peace not only have to ignore 1400 years of its  military conquests, but  also the clear instructions of the Koran and  the pronouncements of Mohammad, as contained in the extensive writings of the Hadith. This is what Mohammad had to say about his own purpose:

 Fight against them [the infidels] until idolatry is no more and God’s religion reigns supreme. Allah’s Apostle said, I have been ordered to fight with the people till they say, ‘None has the right to be worshipped but Allah.’ (Al-Bukhari, vol. 4,124)

 Elias Al-Maqdisi and Sam Solomon, authors of  Al-Yahud: Eternal Islamic Enmity & the Jews  write from direct experience and a lifetime of studying the major writings of the Islamic sacred literature. They have included 13 appendices of English translations of  Arabic documents about a number of key issues such as the Islamic claim to Jerusalem and the entire Holy land, the supremacy of Muhammad, the Medina Pact, and the Koranic text on the portrayal of Jews.

 The authors have provided a source of insight into the Islamic scriptures that have powerfully influenced the followers of Muhammad during the previous  fourteen centuries. This influence has undergone a revival of Islamic radicalism in our time, say in the last one hundred years. That’s all the more reason for us to take note of this book. 

 Al-Yahud helps us understand what is the basis of  the Muslim belief in the supremacy of  Islam, its sacred writings, and its messenger Muhammad. This sense of supremacy undergirds the conviction that Islam is destined to establish the worldwide rule of Allah  (the caliphate) which the Muslim faithful  are called to strive for. 

 Israel, the Scapegoat 

At  the beginning of Islam in the seventh century, the Jews brought on them the terrible wrath of Muhammad for rejecting his demand to acknowledge him as the last and true  prophet of Allah.

Right now, the Jew-hatred, is centred on the state of Israel that finds itself surrounded by Islamic countries and organizations that have vowed to destroy it. The popular narrative in the West is that the settlement of the Israel-Palestine dispute is the one obstacle to peace in the Middle East.  It is Israel’s refusal to surrender more territory, among other demands, that is blamed for the ongoing violence in that part of the world.

 Al-Maqdisi and Solomon convincingly argue that the real issue is not land and borders, but the very existence of the state of Israel.  Especially American diplomats, including the current U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, have laboured hard for decades to bring about peace between Palestine and Israel. That has turned out to be a chasing after a mirage.  It’s not that they could not have known, but they have not listened and prefer to engage in wishful thinking. Following is a small sampling of the content of Al-Yahud, pp.34,35,38,44:

 Sura 2:100, Sura 5:13, “Jews are covenant breakers, full of treason, vengeful…”

Sura 2:75f,  Sura 4,46, “The Jews corrupted the scriptures…”

Sura 5:62, “Jews are lovers of transgression and sin…”

Sura 1:7, “Jews are people on whom is the wrath of  Allah.”

Sura 2:65, 5:60, 7:166,” Jews are those who were cursed  and transformed into apes and swine…”

Sura 8:55-56, 98:6. “Jews are the worst of Allah’s creation…”

 “Muhammad the messenger of Allah said, ‘do not greet Jews or Christians with peace if you meet one of them in your way then push him over to a  ditch or a narrow path’”  (Al-Muslim Hadith, 4030).

 Muhammad said that “The hour will not come until Muslims fight and kill the Jews and the Jews will hide behind trees and rocks, and these trees and rocks will cry out saying, O Muslim, slave of Allah this Jew is hiding behind me, come and kill him’” (Al-Muslim Hadith, 5203).

 The late Yasser Arafat spent many years in stoking the fires of Jew-hatred, all the while naïve Western leaders treated him as an honest peace negotiator. They even honoured Arafat by awarding him the Nobel Peace Prize in 1994 (shared with Shimon Peres  and Yitzhak Rubin). Sometimes when addressing Westerners, Arafat sounded as if he wanted peace, but when addressing his own people, he let it be known that his purpose was to   destroy Israel. This is what he stated openly:

It Is our duty to take over the banner of struggle from them [their ancestors] and hand it on untarnished and flying as proudly as ever to the generations that come after us. We shall never commit a crime against them, the crime of permitting the existence of a racialist state [Israel] in the heart of the Arab world. (Interview, August 2, 1968, quoted in Efraim Karsh, Islamic Imperialism, p. 180)

 France, No Home for Jews

This country may well be the most anti-Semitic of the Western democracies, threatening the safety and security of the Jewish population.  

 Brenda  H. Mitchell received a letter from  someone living in France who prefaced his letter as follows:

 “ Once again, the real news in France is  conveniently not being reported as it should. To give you an idea of what is going on in France where there are now between 5 and 6 million Muslims and about  600,000 Jews….  Will the world say nothing –again—as it did in Hitler’s time? “

I am a Jew…. I will not sit back and do nothing. Nowhere have the flames of anti-Semitism burned more furiously than in France: In Lyon, a car was rammed into a synagogue and set on fire. In Montpellier, the Jewish religious center was firebombed; so were synagogues in Strasbourg and Marseilles; so was a Jewish school in Creteil – all recently. A Jewish sports club in Toulouse was attacked with Molotov cocktails, and on the statue of Alfred Dreyfus in Paris, the words ‘Dirty Jew’ were painted.  In Bondy, 15 men beat up members of a Jewish football team with sticks and metal bars. The bus that takes  Jewish children to school in Aubervilliers has been attacked three times in the last 14 months. ( Brenda H. Mitchell,  One Day in the Life of a Jew in France,” Daily Mailer,FrontPage, November 9, 2011.)

 Avi Benlolo writes that it is becoming more difficult for Jews to live in France because it is a hotbed of hatred toward them. A recent report about violence against Jews found that in 2012 there had been  a  58 per cent increase in the incidence of “horrendous crimes” against French Jews. In that year, there were 614 such attacks, compared to 389 in 2011.

 Physical and verbal attacks against Jews,  25 per cent of which involved a weapon, also increased dramatically.  Racist attacks on Jews  rose to 55 per cent of the nationwide total. In 2006, a group calling itself “The Gang of Barbarians” outdid itself in sadistic cruelty. They kidnapped 23-year old Ilan Halimi, then tortured him for three weeks before killing him. Why? Because he was Jewish

In March 2012, Mohamed Merah killed  a Jewish father and his two  daughters, aged four and five,  as well as another  seven-year old girl  in front of a Jewish school in Toulouse. Merah also killed three French soldiers.  (See Avi Benlolo, “The Dangerous Rise of anti-Semitism in France,” National Post, March 4, 2013.)

 The Fire This Time

In November of 2005, France exploded into an outbreak of unprecedented violence and destruction. Thousands of cars were burned and entire sections of the major cities became battlefields masterminded by rioters of several stripes, especially young Muslim hoodlums. In some instances the police and firefighters refused to control the crowds or attempt to put out fires. No country in Europe and elsewhere should ignore what is happening in France. Because the potential for the French experience to recur in the rest of Europe is real.  This is especially relevant for Jews, since Islamic Jew-haters play a big role in this type of internal warfare.

 Many Jews in France are said to be seriously thinking about leaving, a move that Barbara Kay, columnist for the National Post in Canada, supports.  She wrote shortly after  the  hideous murder of Ilan Halimi in February, 2006 that the time for the Jews to leave France has come because few of the ethnic French will stand shoulder to shoulder with their beleaguered Jewish compatriots. She bluntly tells them to go because “there is no viable future for you here.”   She continues:

 From de Gaulle to Chirac, France has for too long been politically invested in pleasing the Arab world – which means neglect of Jewish interest at home – to disengage now. If not for your own , leave for your children’s sake. As Bruce Bawer reveals in his recent book, While Europe Slept, How Radical Islam is Destroying the West from Within, a leaked internal audit from the French Ministry of Education concludes that Muslim domination of public education in the country is widespread. In 61 monitored schools, the report indicates, anti-Semitism was ‘ubiquitous’ and justifications of Hitler, Nazism,  and the Holocaust routine. A ministry official flatly declared that ‘Jewish children can no longer be given an education anywhere [in France].’

 So go. If you stay, you’ll end on a rock or a hard place. You will endure either the virtual dhimmitude of de-facto Sharia law, or the countervailing ethnic nationalism of increasingly popular Xenophobes like  Jean-Marie Le Pen. (Barbara Kay, “A Good Time to Get Out,” National Post, March 1, 2006)

 A Civilization at Risk

 Nidra Poller, an American writer who  lived in Paris during the 2005 riots in France, wrote an excellent description and analysis of the shocking  upheavals in that country. Following are a few excerpts of her observations:  

 The French government is faltering as the flames of urban warfare spread from Paris to over 300 towns. Schools, warehouses, gymnasiums, bus depots, restaurants and shopping malls are being sacked and burned. Journalists, ambulance personnel and firemen are being attacked. Even armour-clad riot police fear for their lives, as some of the protesters have equipped themselves with guns….

 (M)uch of France ignored the cries of ‘death to the Jews’ that went up in the pro-Palestinian demonstrations that began in 2000, and which eventually blended in with the anti-war demonstrations of 2003. Incendiary, sometimes bloodthirsty slogans against Israel and the United states became commonplace .

 For five years , resentful French Muslims have been fed a steady diet of  romanticized violence-- jihad -intifada  in Israel, jihad-insurgency in Iraq, jihad-insurgency in Afghanistan. When they started firebombing synagogues and beating up Jews in the fall of 2000, the media dutifully reported that these thugs were products of the ‘frustration’ felt in regard to the treatment of Muslims in the Middle East and Central Asia….

 The burned-out cars and  buildings  that litter French streets  are the domestic residue of the jihad cult that these French Muslims have been drugged on through al-Jazeera, and which has been legitimized  by a French intellectual class that has always romanticized  resistance in all its forms….  But now that the militancy is being turned on the French state itself, they are suddenly shocked at what they have sown.

 Things could get worse. Until the state can exert its authority, restore order and protect its citizens, there is a danger that images of charred bodies will replace pictures of burnt cars. For decades, the French media and government have been painting a rosy picture of social harmony within their borders. When the truth suddenly burst out with guerilla warfare in the streets, the public was totally unprepared, as were the police and even the army. They might all have known that this is the terrible price to be paid for turning a blind eye to those who preach violent resistance. (Nidra Poller, “ Intifada a la francaise,” National Post, November 8, 2005)


What can we learn from what has been called the ”Islamization of Europe,” which has prompted Bernard Lewis, the preeminent scholar of Islam, to predict that Europe will be Islamist by mid-century.  In Canada, we are beginning to experience the same process that is changing Europe. That’s not a pleasant prospect, but many are in denial and wilfully blind to the danger signs.

  We should take a lesson from those who know from experience what life is like under Sharia law. Among those are Muslims who dare to stand against the fanatic Islamists. Let me name one who has courageously and urgently warned us to become aware of the real threats we face here in Canada, too.  Tarek Fatah, who fled his native Pakistan and now is a Toronto author and commentator doing his best to convince Canadians that they must wake up to reality.

 On January 8, 2014, he wrote in the Toronto Sun, in response to a question about the threat of Islamic jihad. He replied that first of all we must honestly name and face Islamist terrorism and acknowledge that the “worldwide cancer of terrorism by some Muslims is inspired by the teachings of Islam….As long as you, and the rest of the non- Muslim world, permit Muslims to tippy toe around the doctrine of ‘armed jihad,’ you won’t be able to take the second step, that is confronting this death cult on its merits….”

 If this peace-loving Muslim is able to see through the lies of radical Islam should we,  Christians who know that the Truth sets us free, not all the more testify to the source of that freedom in Christ? Secondly, should such a starting point not help us to pray and work diligently filled with hope that the pessimistic predictions about Islamic conquest will not become reality?

 Harry Antonides




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