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   The Jew-Hatred That is Incurable

May, 2011   

We shall never commit a crime against them [future generations], the crime of permitting the existence of a racialist state in the heart if the Arab world.  (Yasser Arafat, quoted in Efraim Karsh, Islamic Imperialism, p. 180.) 

When you think that the savagery of people against other human beings has reached its limits, then something so foul happens that sends a shock wave of revulsion through the civilized world.

On the evening of Friday, March 11, two men breached a security fence and broke into the home of a Jewish family in the West Bank village of Itamar. They massacred the parents, Ehud (Udi) and Ruth Fogel, and three of their six children, Yoav (11), Elad (4) and three-month-old Hadas.

 The killers missed two other children who were asleep and unharmed, Roi (8) and Yishai (2). The eldest daughter, Tamar (12) who was at a  youth event, arrived home after midnight  and found her father,  mother and  three siblings dead or dying.  She ran screaming to a neighbour’s house who then returned with Tamar and alerted security personnel. They found Yishai crying over his parents’ bodies trying to wake them up.

Words Fail

Words fail adequately to convey the true horror of this unspeakable crime. How is it possible that men can become so filled with blind hatred that sears their conscience and causes them to commit such evil?  Jerusalem Post editor and prolific author Caroline Glick manages to convey the depth of depravity to which these murderers have sunk:

Ruth Fogel was in the bathroom when the Palestinian terrorists pounced on her husband Udi and their three-month old daughter Hadas, slitting their throats as they lay in bed….

The terrorists stabbed Ruth to death as she came out of the bathroom. With both parents and the newborn dead, they moved on to the other children, going into a bedroom where Ruth and Udi’s sons Yoav (11) and Elad (4) were sleeping.  They stabbed them through their hearts and slit their throats.

Glick describes the released photos of the murder scene:

“There was Hadas, dead on her parents’ bed, next to her dead father Udi. There was Elad, lying on a small throw rug wearing socks. His little hands were clenched into fists. What was a four-year old to do against two grown men with knives? He clenched his fists. So did his big brother.

Some claim that the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, the terrorist arm of Fatah, is responsible.  There was rejoicing in Gaza with carnivals and distribution of sweets. A Hamas website praised the murderers.  A resident explained the celebrations as ``a natural response to the harm settlers inflict on the Palestinian residents in the West Bank. The Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine called it “a heroic attack” that proves “the Palestinians are able to go ahead with armed resistance and overcome all difficulties to reach the targets.”

( Israelnationalnews.com has reported that two teenagers, Hakem Awad and his cousin Amjad Awad, have confessed that they murdered the Fogel family members. They showed no remorse  and said that if they had known that there were two more children in the house, they would have killed them, too.  They saw no problem in slitting the throat of three-month- old baby Hadas, since she was a Jew. ) 


Some Palestinian leaders condemned this attack on a defenceless family. One editor wrote “Stabbing an infant to death is a crime against humanity.”  Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas telephoned Prime Minister Netanyahu to condemn the attack.  On Israel radio he called it a “despicable, immoral, inhuman act…”  Others chimed in.

PA Prime Minister Salam Fayyad also denounced this attack.  PA Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki denied that any Palestinian was behind this crime. Minister of Religious Affairs Mahmoud Habbash, in a telephone interview with the Jerusalem Post, stated that the Palestinians are against such crimes, saying:” We want to see all the civilians living in peace in the Holy Land.”

But deeds speak louder than words. That applies especially in a part of the world where Palestinians send a different message in Arabic than in English.  Here are five salient truths that make it impossible for the Palestinian leaders to escape full responsibility for the evil done on this black Friday.

One. The three opinion-shaping institutions in Palestine, the schools, the mosques, and the media, as well as politics, are used for the systemic incitement of hatred toward the Jews. (The killers of the Fogel family are products of this brainwashing.)

Two. The so-called peace partner, Fatah (meaning victory, conquest) is constitutionally committed to the destruction of Israel within the ``world-wide struggle against Zionism…. `` It calls Israel’s existence in Palestine “a Zionist invasion with a colonial expansive base…” (art. 8).  Its goal:  “Complete liberation of Palestine and eradication of Zionist economic, political, military and cultural existence” (art. 12).  Its method: “Armed public revolution is the inevitable method to liberating Palestine” (art. 17).

Three. The refugee camps in Gaza, under the tutelage of the UN, costing untold millions and keeping four generations in perpetual dependency and hopelessness, are a major obstacle to establishing peaceful relations with Israel. (See Michael S. Bernstam, Commentary, December 2010.)

Four. Overshadowing all these and other obstacles are 1400 years of  Islamic doctrine and the example of Muhammad, declaring  that the enmity  between Islam and the Jews is an abiding fixture of history, unless the Jews convert (“revert”), are subdued into dhimmis, or are eliminated.

Five. The Koran and the Hadith are full of this doctrine. When Muslims address a Western audience, they tend to stress that the struggle with Jews is over territory and borders not their Jewishness. But when they speak in Arabic, they present a different message.  Sheikh Yousef Al- Qaradawi, who is the spiritual guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, engages in such doubletalk. To a Western audience he said that the ``struggle between us and the Jews is over the land and not over their Jewishness.” However, addressing a Muslim audience, he said something else:

Jews are the greatest enemies of the Ummah (the worldwide Muslim community). And heir enmity to Islam and Muslims has been, is and will continue as long as Muslims and Jews remain on this earth. This issue has been settled without question or argument as Allah says (you will find the staunchest enemies of those that have believed are the Jews…) Sure 5: 82. So the ever ongoing Jewish enmity towards the Muslims is permanent through the testimony of the Noble Qur’an and fully imbedded in the mind and conscience of every Muslim who believes in the Qur’an. His faith in this sense cannot be shaken by anything in this world.  (Alias Al- Maqdisi & Sam Solomon, AL-Yahud: Eternal Islamic Enmity &the Jews, p. 16)

The Source: a Poisoned Well

All the major Islamist leaders, throughout the centuries, including  Muhammad himself, as well as the Koran  and  Hadith  have left a legacy that leaves no doubt about the permanence of the Muslim-Jew hatred.  Following are a small selection from these sources, as they appear in Al-Maqdisi & Solomon Al-Yahud, pp. 34-35, 38-39, 44: 

Sura 2:100, Sura 5:13. “Jews are covenant breakers, full of treason, vengeful…”

Sura 2:75f, Sura 4:46, “The Jews corrupted the scriptures…”

Sura 5:62, “Jews are lovers of transgression and sin…”

Sura 2:142, “Jews are vulgar and fools…”

Sura 1:7, “Jews are people on whom is the wrath of Allah.”

Sura 2:65, 5:60, 7: 166, “Jews are those who were cursed and transformed into apes and swine…”

Sura 8:55-65, 98:6, “Jews are the worst of Allah’s creation…”

“Muhammad the messenger of Allah said, ‘Do not greet Jews or Christians  with peace if you meet one of them in your way then push them over to a ditch or a narrow path’” ( Al- Muslim Hadith,  number 4030)

“May the curse of Allah be on the Jews and Christians who took the graves of their prophets to be as places of worship.” (Bukhari Hadith, number 3195)

“Muhammad said that ‘ The hour will not come  until Muslims fight  and kill the Jews and the Jews will hide behind trees and rocks, and these trees and rocks will cry out saying,  O Muslim,  slave of Allah this Jew is hiding behind me, come and kill him.’” (Al-Muslim Hadith, number 5203)   

When Muslim apologists, such as  Karen Armstrong, John Esposito, and Tariq Ramadan, try to present Islam as a religion of peace, they  rely on the  widespread public  ignorance  about the  Islamic incitement of hatred toward the Jews—and toward  all non-Muslims. They do not quote these teachings but the few that seem to promote peace and tolerance, including sura 2:256, “There is no compulsion in religion….”

 Maqdisi and Solomon write that this technique is totally predictable – and utterly misleading,  because the verses which would offer all the good things such as forgiveness, peace and tolerance were all abrogated during Muhammad’s lifetime and thus are no longer valid. (p.22)

The harsh reality is that the fanatics and terrorists who have declared war on the West, and  especially Israel, are not hijacking Islam but they are acting in obedience to the thrust of the teachings of the Koran and the  Hadith. Those who think that peace will be assured  when the conflict about land and borders is settled are living in a dreamland.

The heart of the conflict between Israel and Palestine is about the right of Israel to exist in peace. On that score, the West should  let the haters of Israel know that an attack on Israel will be considered an attack on the free West. Israel now finds itself –again-- on the front line  of the  battle between freedom and tyranny, truth and falsehood.

 We should stand with Israel, now surrounded by countries that have openly declared to want its destruction. We ought to do so for reasons of morality and justice – and because the  future of Israel  is our future, too.

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