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Clash of Worldviews

November 9, 2009

It did not take long for U.S. Navy Lt. Carey Cash to run into a storm of protest after being appointed to the chaplaincy at Camp David, the presidential retreat. He had committed the unpardonable sin of pointing out that many followers of Islam have resorted to violence. Cash is quoted to have written:

“Sadly, grace is often absent in Islam, which is based upon binding religious law, requiring strenuous adherence to every tenet of the ‘Five Pillars of Allah.’ A religion that emerges from the soil of strict adherence to law as a means of gaining God’s favor will always tend toward extreme self-sacrifice.”

This in itself is a fairly mild description, since living sacrificially, that is, unselfishly, is an admirable way of life. The problem here lies in the word “extreme,” and it is not much of a stretch to think that Cash had in mind the Islamist terrorists who blow themselves up to kill and destroy in the name of Allah. Think 9/11.

These Dangerous People Must be Stopped

In any case, the critics ferreted out additional incriminating statements by Cash and other Christians who advocated the spread of Christianity in the military. In other words, these are dangerous people who want to advance their own faith while violating the rights of all non-Christians. They must be stopped from ever accomplishing such sinister plans.

Chris Rodda, Senior Research Director of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF), posting on huffington.com, wrote that the reaction “around the world” clearly indicates that the international community is focusing on one thing only, namely, this chaplain’s “deprecating” statements about Islam.

MRFF president, Mikey Weinstein weighed in: The attention of the world is riveted on Lt. Cash’s “unabashed disgust and disdain for ALL of Islam,” and President Obama, as the Commander-in-Chief, must publicly denounce these “dangerously outrageous statements,” and make it crystal clear that these “blatantly unconstitutional fundamentalist Christian religious” ‘crusaders’” will not be allowed in the mighty American military. Weinstein demanded that ”Lt. Cash should be swiftly removed from his Camp David chaplaincy slot and, just as expeditiously, very publicly punished for his egregious statement, not publicly lionized by our President.”

Everyone who has eyes to see and a mind to think is well aware that, though they are a minority of the 1.2 billion Muslims, a substantial number of them has inflicted, and are continuing to do so on a daily basis, unspeakable cruelties on non-Muslims, and even on many fellow Muslims.

The plain fact is that where Islam is the ruling ideology, no other religion is allowed, even to the extent that those who want to leave Islam do so at the risk of their freedom and even their life. One of the ironies is that the free West provides total freedom of religion to everyone, even those who preach hatred and intolerance to others -- or serve as apologists for them.

What Enemy?

Navy chaplain Lt. Abuhena Saifulislam posted an article praising the tolerance of Islam in the May 7, 2009 issue of the newsletter of the Naval District Washington. He made the following claims:

“The Quran is full of instruction and advice of how to be tolerant of others. Tolerance is one of the basic principles of Islam and a religious moral duty for Muslims…. The Prophet Muhammad – peace be upon him - spoke about the equality of all human beings, regardless of their race, color, language, or ethnic background. Islam emphasizes the establishment of equality and justice. Both of these values cannot be established without some degree of tolerance. Islam recognized, from the very beginning, the principle of freedom of belief or freedom of religion. It said very clearly that it does not allow coercion in matters of faith and belief. There is no compulsion in religion.” (2:256)

“….Islam may tolerate many things, but it teaches zero tolerance for injustice, oppression, and violation of the rights of other human beings….Islam teaches tolerance on all levels: individual, groups and states. It should be a political and legal requirement. Tolerance is the responsibility that upholds human rights, pluralism (including cultural pluralism) and the rule of law.”

The only words true in this claim are “from the very beginning.” Indeed, Muhammad initially had to rely on persuasion and tolerance. But that changed radically when he achieved a position of supremacy after his move to Medina (622). Then the Koran changed (by abrogation), and Muhammad’s own words and example began to direct the faithful to fight and conquer the Infidels.

The earlier appreciative description of the “People of the Book” changed into instructions to subjugate and kill. Christians became blasphemers destined for hell, and Jews were compared to pigs and apes. Muhammad announced that he had been given the sword to ensure” that no one but Allah is worshiped.”

Many Muslims believe in the tolerant sections of the Koran. But those who have declared war on the free West --and especially on Israel because it is occupying ”holy ground” -- can find all the inspiration they need in the Islamic scriptures to justify terrorizing and killing millions of innocent people.

Because this ugly truth is ignored and denied, a Christian chaplain in the U.S. navy is vilified for speaking the truth, whereas a Muslim chaplain is free to proclaim blatant lies -- thereby adding to the confusion and division that threatens to tear America apart. A topsy-turvy world, if you ask me.

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