Harry Antonides born in Holland, immigrated to Canada in 1948, where he first worked as a farm hand and railway labourer. He spent 13 years working at a chemical plant in Sarnia, Ontario. In 1962, he joined the fledgling Christian Labour Association of Canada, first as a field representative and, after 1970, as director of research and education. Since 1974, he also served in that capacity as a founding member of the Work Research Foundation (now Cardus). From 1964 till 1976, his family lived in Vancouver, B.C.; since then he and his wife Janet have made Willowdale, Ontario, their home base. He retired in December 1997, and has since been involved in volunteer work in church and community. He now also works as a free lance writer with a special interest in the impact of Islam on the West and on the Christian Church. He is the author of many articles and book reviews, as well as two book length studies, dealing with multinational corporations in Canada (1978) and with the history of the Social Gospel in Canada (1985)
Harry's Recent Writings